ISLAMABAD (Agencies): The China Exhibition and Trading Center has been completed in a record time of six months at Gwadar Port worth twelve million dollars.
This announcement was made by Ministry of Planning in a statement on Friday.
The project was launched in November 2022 on the direction of Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal for promoting business and related activities at Gwadar.
Following the direction of the Planning Minister, China Offshore Ports Handling Company (COPHCL) started construction of the project which has been completed.

The Planning Minister has further directed to conduct the third International Expo Gwadar in the newly established EXPO center in June this year, coinciding with the ten-year celebrations of CPEC in July this year.
It is noted that Gwadar holds immense significance as a key component of the CPEC and the broader Belt and Road Initiative.
Located strategically on the Arabian Sea, Gwadar serves as Pakistan’s premier deep-water port, offering a gateway to the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, and Central Asia.
The development under CPEC aims to transform Gwadar into a major trade and economic hub, facilitating regional connectivity and enhancing Pakistan’s maritime trade.
Gwadar’s potential as an energy and transport corridor, coupled with its strategic location, makes it a focal point for international investment and economic cooperation, driving economic growth and regional integration.

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