ABBOTTABAD (APP): A new cold wave emerged in the upper parts of the Hazara division after a week-long continuous heavy downpour coupled with hail storms and snowfall on the hills.

According to details, usually, the month of May is the start of the summer season in the Hazara region but this year continuous heavy rains all over the region particularly in Abbottabad and Mansehra districts dropped the temperatures significantly and moreover, hailstorms and snowfall in the hilly areas of Kaghan, Naran and Babusar Top played a vital role to change the weather conditions.

Unfortunately, climatic changes also affected the weather in district Mansehra, during last year in the month of July Noori Top and Babusar Top of Kaghan Valley received more than two feet of snow which were unprecedented, on the other month of December which is known as for heavy snowfall in the region was dry.

Later, snowfall started in late January 2023 and continued till February, during the month of March the snow started melting due to a heat wave but once again Kaghan Valley received more than three feet of snow during April and all mountains of the area were blanketed with a thick layer of snow.

Environmental experts claim that if the situation persists then the spring season and autumn seasons would also be eliminated and, moreover, the two reaming winters and summer are also under huge threat. This is the time to pay
attention to the issue of climatic change and take some concrete measures for the resolution of the issue.

The metrology department has forecasted more rain, hail, thunderstorm and snowfall in the upper parts of district Manshera during the coming few days which would bring more changes in the temperature and would also affect the tourism industry as well.

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