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18th May 2022, Peshawar – A consultation on Voluntary National Review (VNR) through Peoples Scorecard was organized jointly by Awaz CDS and the Integrated Community Development Initiative at Peshawar. This consultation was part of the series of consultations that will be organized countrywide to gather information from informed civil society about the performance of the government on achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Around 25 members from civil society organizations participated in the consultations deliberations, mostly from organizations led by women, youth, transgender, people living with disabilities, and minority groups. The event was supported by Sights avers Pakistan, an international organization focusing on disability rights and making sure that people with disabilities are included in education and work. Two representatives of Sights avers also participated in the consultation.

Mr. Zia Ur Rehman, CEO of Awaz CDS thanked and warmly welcomed the participants and gave a detailed orientation about the event’s objectives and deliberations. Mr. Zia informed the participants that AwazCDS and Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA), on behalf of civil society are in the process of developing a spotlight report on SDGs parallel to the government’s official VNR report which it intends to present in the high-level political forum at the UN. Similarly, the spotlight report will be developed by gathering information from people and depicting real, on-ground situations with regard to the performance and progress of Pakistan on SDGs at the same forum. He also apprised the audience that the process of data collection was a two-pronged activity, an online survey which has been uploaded on the PDA website and a series of consultations in provincial capitals and regions i.e. AJK and GB. He gave a quick rundown of the online survey and the indicators which would be used to assess specific goals CSOs are working on. He shared the link and requested the audience to fill up an online survey as well.
The participants were divided into 4 groups as per their area of work relevant to goal 4 (education), goal 5, 10 (gender equality, reduced inequalities), goal 13 (climate action), and goal 16, peace justice and strengthening institutions.
Hour-long group work was followed by presentations by the group leaders who shared the groups’ findings, views, and assessments about the above SDGs discussed during the group works. Overall they depicted a dismal picture of the performance of the government on the SDGs they are working on. They highlighted and discussed bottlenecks, lacunas, and challenges in the budgets, policies, strategies, and implementation. The information gathered in this consultation will be combined with the findings of planned consultations and a consolidated spotlight report will be developed.
Mr. Khurram Shahzad from Sights avers wrapped up the session and thanked ICDI and the participants for their time, and valuable input for evaluating SDGs related to their work and for being part of the independent process.

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