ISLAMABAD (APP): The Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) and Vice President Gold Ring Economic Forum Meher Kashif Younis Tuesday said that the resumption of cargo service between Pakistan and Russia is poised to enhance bilateral trade by providing a more efficient and reliable means of transporting goods.

In a press statement issued here, he said that it can facilitate the exchange of various commodities, such as textiles, machinery, agricultural products, and raw materials, between the two countries.

He said improved cargo service can contribute to economic growth in both Pakistan and Russia that’s will lead to increased export opportunities for Pakistani businesses, allowing them to access the Russian market more easily.

He said Russian companies can benefit from enhanced trade links with Pakistan, potentially leading to new business ventures and investment besides cargo service can help diversify trade routes for both countries.

He said the availability of direct cargo service can provide an alternative and faster transportation option, reducing reliance on traditional routes and potentially lowering transportation costs.

Meher Kashif Younis who is also Chairman Kyrgyzstan Trade House said enhancing cargo service can contribute to broader regional connectivity initiatives in addition to strengthening economic ties not only between the two countries but also with other Central Asian nations.

He is of the opinion that the improved connectivity can facilitate regional trade integration, promote economic cooperation, and foster geopolitical relationships in the region as well as also facilitate cultural exchanges and people-to-people interactions between Pakistan and Russia.

It is important that the actual impact of the resumption of cargo service will depend on various factors, including the volume of trade, the frequency and reliability of the service, infrastructure development, customs procedures, and the overall business environment, he added.

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