PESHAWAR, Dec 01 (APP): Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Shafiullah Khan on Thursday imposed Section-144, to ban protests and blockage of the main Khyber Road by the protestors in the larger public interest.
A notification to this effect said that roads were often blocked by protestors from different walks of life which create huge traffic jams on Khyber Road and the bottleneck effect was shifted to the whole city resulting in the blocking of all the main roads. This creates a nuisance and inconvenience to the general public. It said that ambulances carrying patients are also stuck in traffic jams caused by the blockage of roads by protestors.
The notification said following the judgment of the Peshawar High Court on the same issue and complaints received on the Pakistan Citizen Portal regarding the blockage of roads there was apprehension that the blockage of Khyber Road by protestors may cause a law and order situation.
The notification added that it was absolutely necessary to maintain peace and harmony to avoid any untoward incident and wherein the district administration is satisfied to take precautionary measures in the matter.
Therefore, Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure has been imposed to ban protests and blockage of the main Khyber Road in the larger public interest.
Anyone contravening this order was liable to be proceeded against under Section 188 of Pakistan penal Code 1860. The order will come into force immediately and remain in force for a period of 30 days unless modified or withdrawn earlier.

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