PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail) — E-Hujra, a prominent organization, has vehemently rejected the proposed Board of Governors (BOG) for the Medical Teaching Institution (MTI) in Bannu Gul. Expressing deep concern, E-Hujra criticized the inclusion of unprofessional and inexperienced individuals, accusing the selection process of being marred by nepotism and political considerations.

In a strongly-worded statement, E-Hujra raised doubts about the competence of the proposed board members, asserting that their lack of experience and expertise in health and administration would contribute to the deterioration of Bannu Health. The organization emphasized that the health sector in Bannu is already grappling with numerous challenges, and the appointment of individuals lacking the necessary skills and knowledge would further exacerbate the situation.

According to E-Hujra, the proposed team is perceived as health ignorant, with a track record that raises concerns about their ability to effectively manage and improve the health sector in Bannu. The organization pointed out that the previous team faced failure due to corruption issues, and it is apprehensive that a similar pattern is repeating itself.

Chairman of E-Hujra, Asif Qureshi, emphasized the importance of selecting a well-experienced and professional team through a merit-based process. The organization called for a reconsideration of the proposed board, urging authorities to prioritize merit in the selection criteria to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services in Bannu.

Chairman Asif Qureshi appealed to decision-makers to consider the demands of E-Hujra on humanitarian grounds, highlighting the critical need for competent and ethical leadership to address the healthcare challenges faced by the people of Bannu. The organization expressed its commitment to actively engage in advocating for a transparent and merit-driven selection process for the MTI board in Bannu Gul.

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