ISLAMABAD (APP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) organized a media training workshop titled “Responsible Reporting for Peaceful and Inclusive Elections” here at a hotel on Thursday, aimed at promoting responsible reporting for peaceful and inclusive elections.

The training workshop was attended by several distinguished guests, including Secretary of the Election Commission, Omar Hamid Khan, senior journalist Tahir Khalil, analyst and bureau chief of Express Group Amir Elyas Rana, and senior journalist and anchor Rauf Klasra.

The workshop aimed to enhance the role of media in reporting on election-related activities, including the inclusion of marginalized communities, such as women, minorities, disabled individuals, and the elderly. Participants were trained on media ethics, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech, and the professional responsibility of media in spreading and stopping their dissemination through mainstream and social media.

Various print and electronic media representatives attended the training program. Shabir Ahmed, Country Director of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, thanked the Election Commission Secretary and suggested that similar training programs should be held in every major city of Pakistan to provide journalists with training on election reporting.

Participants praised the training workshop for providing them with useful information on the electoral cycle and laws related to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Election Commission Secretary Omar Hamid Khan, while expressing his gratitude to the attendees, said that during this phase of digitization, misinformation is at its peak, so journalists should always verify their news before reporting so that authentic news can reach the public.

He further stated that the Election Commission’s media wing has been made active, which is trying to provide timely information to the media along with fulfilling the demands of the new era. In the upcoming elections, digital information kits will be provided to international observers and journalists, which will contain necessary information related to elections.

The best monitoring system is also being developed, which will greatly enhance the capability of election monitoring.

At the end of the ceremony, guest speaker and Senior Journalist and Bureau Chief of Express Group, Amir Elyas Rana, stated that the current Chief Election Commissioner, Skander Sultan Raja, has taken exemplary measures during his tenure.

The Election Commission’s decision on the secret ballot during the 2021 Senate elections was in accordance with the constitution and the law, which is definitely commendable. However, he also added that reporters should not break their news just once, but three times to ensure its accuracy. At the end of the program, trainers and guest speakers were awarded shields and certificates for their contributions.

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