Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Islamabad organized a special reception on Friday to commemorate Azerbaijan’s Independence Day, attended by a diverse array of dignitaries, including government officials, diplomats, and representatives from academia, media, and the Azerbaijani community residing in Pakistan.

The event commenced with the solemn rendition of the national anthems of both Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

The reception, graced by the presence of Chief Guest Rominah Khurshid Alam, Coordinator for Climate Change and Environmental Engagement, featured remarks highlighting the importance of strengthening cooperation between Azerbaijan and Pakistan in addressing climate change and environmental challenges.

In her address, Romina Khurshid Alam emphasized the shared commitment of Azerbaijan and Pakistan to embark on joint initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change, leveraging their common interests and resources for sustainable development.

In his address, Ambassador Farhadov reflected on the historic significance of May 28, 1918, when the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established, marking the inception of the first democratic republic in the Muslim East. He highlighted Azerbaijan’s rapid strides in nation-building, including the establishment of governmental institutions, delineation of borders, and consolidation of statehood within a brief span of 23 months.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of visionary leaders such as Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev, Ambassador Khazar Farhadov underscored Azerbaijan’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and preserving sovereignty. Expressing gratitude for Pakistan’s unwavering support since Azerbaijan’s independence, Ambassador Khazar emphasized the deep-rooted bilateral relations and collaboration in various international forums.

The Ambassador of the Azerbaijan also highlighted Azerbaijan’s recent achievements, including the liberation of internationally recognized territories and its global leadership in forums such as the 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue and the forthcoming hosting of COP29.

He further noted the flourishing bilateral relations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, exemplified by direct flights, increasing tourist influx, and significant trade agreements, fostering closer ties between the two nations. Concluding his remarks, Ambassador Farhadov expressed gratitude to all attendees for their presence, underscoring the importance of strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

At the end of official reception, the Ambassador Khazar Farhadov, accompanied by Romina Khursheed Alam – Minister of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Atadjan Moalamov – Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Yerzan Qystafin – Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed – Chairman of the Higher Education Commission and Ambassador of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, symbolically cut a cake adorned with the Flags of Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

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