ISLAMABAD, May 18 (APP): The federal government on Wednesday approved the promotion of 31 officers of various groups and services from grade 21 to grade 22.
The promotions were considered and cleared in a meeting of the High Powered Selection Promotion Board chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.
According to a press release issued here by the Establishment Division, following officers belonging to Pakistan Administrative Service, Customs Service, Inland Revenue Service, Information Group, Commerce and Trade Group, Military Land and Cantonment Group, and Intelligence Bureau were cleared for promotion to grade 22:-

Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS):
1. Dr. Rashid Mansoor
2. Dr. Syed Tauqir Hussain Shah
3. Dr. Ismet Tahira
4. Mrs. Bushra Aman
5. Mr. Zulifiqar Haider Khan
6. Mr. Naveed Allauddin.
7. Mr. Hamid Yaqoob
8. Dr. Iftikhar Ali Shalwani
9. Syed Zafar Ali Shah
10. Mr. Farhan Aziz Khawaja
11. Dr. Fakhar-e-Alam Irfan
12. Capt (R) Saif Anjum
13. Dr. Muhammad Usman Chachar
14. Mr. Aizaz Aslam Dar
15. Mr. Naveed Ahmad Shaikh
16. Ms. Sarah Saeed
17. Mr. Jawad Paul
18. Mr. Imdad Ullah Bosal

Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP):
1. Mr. Mazhar Javed
2. Sardar Shuja Alam
3. Mr. Babar Amin

Pakistan Customs Service (PCS):
1. Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed Butt
2. Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Memon

Inland Revenue Service (IRS):
1. Mr. Amir Ali Khan Talpur
2. Dr. Faiz Illahi Memon
3. Mr. Asim Ahmed

Pakistan Railways (C&T) Group:
1. Mr. Zafar Zaman Ranjha

Information Group:
1. Mr. Saeed Javed

Commerce and Trade Group:
1. Syed Rafeo Bashir Shah

Military Land and Cantonments Group:
1. Muhammad Naeem Jan Khan

Intelligence Bureau:
1. Fuad Asadullah Khan

The High Powered Selection Board will reconvene tomorrow to consider the promotion of officers relating to remaining Services/ Groups.

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