• Activities for relief of flood affectees are continued for three days in the university of Malakand UoM. 

Malakand – August 30: Vice Chancellor (VC) of the University of Malakand Professor Dr. Rasheed Ahmad yesterday directed the committee in the leadership of Dr Imtiaz Ahmad to help the affectees in various ways.

The committee yesterday sent two vehicles of ration and essential items to upper Dir, two vehicles to upper Swat, and sent one trip to Samarbagh, and one trip of ration clothing and other essential items to Qulangi lower Dir. The university public school also helped a lot through their committee led by the Principal Ms. Basharat Shah and arranged a lot of food/ration and blankets for affectees. The flood relief camp has been set up for flood victims on the premises of the varsity and managing contributions day and night through cash and jazz cash Account Title: MUHAMMAD ZAHID KHAN Account Number: 6049320311714100314, IBAN Number: PK57MPBL0493027140100314, Bank Name: HABIB METRO.

The civil society may also help as the committee is committed to providing quick relief to the flood victims. The employees and students of the University of Malakand are ensuring all possible help to the flood victims on appeal of the Vice Chancellor. 

The students of the university are also requested to bring some of their good clothes and pocket money for donations to help the victims. 

It is indeed appreciable that the kids of university public schools have contributed handsome donations for helping needy people due to heavy rains. The relief packages contain various items including drinking water, medicines, dry food, clothes, shoes, ration, bread, jam, milk tea, and other essential items. A team of volunteers shall also be arranged soon to provide help on grounds in the rehabilitation of affected families. The Vice-Chancellor is hoping that the students and employees of the university shall make it possible to help the homeless flood affectees at their doorstep.

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