KARACHI: Dr Mubarak won first place (Best Artist) and second place (Best Artist) respectively in the international world leisure young ambassador artist contests held in 2022 and 2021. International LIT light Awards 2020 Artist Category Winner, Third Place in ADATA’s Hummingbird Art Competition, and Selection of My Work for the Faber-Castell International Art Competition.

Dr Mubarak is a physiotherapist by profession and an Artist by passion. Along with their medical journey he had managed to work on his art and Now, he is a gem in both of them. In Pakistan, local people think that you won’t earn if you are an artist or you will bear a lot of problems in this field. You are abiding to get success if you are a doctor or an engineer.

World dynamics won’t support this traditional vague thinking. Dr Mubarak is a living example of contradicting the above mention statement. His love for Art started in childhood and his first sketch is of Aga Khan III, he got appreciation in school which became the turning point in his life. Appreciation did wonders
In Mubarak’s life, exploration and learning are the two most important things. Because of his abilities, he stopped at the clinical side of the medical adventure. He was interested in becoming a professor at the medical institution because he was fully aware of his abilities, which include public speaking, mentorship, and innovation. He enjoys developing novel learning environments for his pupils, which has earned him the reputation of being the best instructor at the university. At that point, he had achieved mastery in the arts, had begun to accept foreign Orders, and had realized that his nature was not suited to a single profession. He desires to pursue a career in business where he can contribute to innovation.

Love for art injects in him the robust energy which not only makes him Pakistan’s best artist but he also recognized at the global level. He starts to leave Art with the theme of “nature lovers”. The idea behind his theme is we must embrace the beauty of nature and he wants that the future generation will enjoy the natural beauty as we are doing. He is well aware of climate change and that this is such chaos and has the power to tarnish our world. When he got an order to leave art than some % of the amount he save for plantation drive. He doesn’t want his art to be just on paper he is more inclusive to taking action for his theme.

The transition from a doctor to an artist is astonishing, but he also studied acting in 2016 and worked in theatre. He asserts that success and fulfillment are your honorable reward if you are prepared to learn.
He enjoys sharing his expertise in digital art and also does it. In contrast to our generation, which tends to stick with one profession, it is common to change jobs between one and four times in industrialized nations. Your mistakes are what will help you become a master. Your desire to learn will lead you to the ideal location. You will stand out among regular individuals thanks to your experience. Changes to the field are acceptable. Every individual has a mission, and we must explore that thing for which we are born. Leisure time should be used to do something productive. Mubarak won’t get the privilege to learn art is a well-known university. His love and hard work make him the best Artist in the International pace. His Art is recognized on a global level. We all have excuses that Pakistan won’t support Art or you will remain unemployed if you are an Artist. All these excuses are proved wrong by Dr Mubarak. His blueprint showed us that we can achieve great things simply by studying and discovering new things. He has several skills now. He works as a teacher, physiotherapist, mentor, actor, and the best artist in the world. Due to his passion for learning new things, he will likely add many more vocations to the list above. After pushing himself to the limit, he is now helping and directing young artists in the community. The unremarkable kid becomes famous solely for his love and enthusiasm.

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