ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP): The government on Wednesday was urged to work out result-oriented packages of incentives to hard-hit flood-affected farmers to avert an impending hovering food crisis as well as the revival of the local agriculture sector.
Talking to a delegation of flood affected farmers drawn across the country led by Haris Ahmad, Chairman United Business Group (UBG) in Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shahzad Ali Malik said the super flash flooding has crippled our agriculture sector, crops along with thousands of live stocks.
It put a negative impact on wheat stores and fertilizers have also been damaged, prompting warnings of a looming food crisis, he said adding that the damage to the agriculture sector could also be felt across the globe.
He said Pakistan is one of the top producers and exporters of cotton and rice crops that have been devastated by the flood. As such, half of our cotton has been destroyed, an alarm to global cotton production in a year when cotton prices have soared as other major producers from the US to China have also been hit with extreme weather.
He said double-digit inflation sent the prices of basic goods soaring in Pakistan making it difficult for farmers to buy agricultural inputs.
Shahzad Ali Malik said flood waters also threatened to derail wheat planting this fall raising the possibility of continued food shortfall and princes spikes through next year.
He said it’s alarming prospects in Pakistan that depends on its wheat production to feed itself at a time when global wheat supplies are precarious.
He said Sindh which produces around one-third of the food supply received six times its 30 years average rainfall this monsoon which damaged 50% of crops. He said floods caused a loss in the whole country.
The UN Secretary General has already announced that the world was facing “unprecedented global hunger crisis”, he said adding that Pakistan must bear in mind the official statement while framing future planning to offset this threat well on time.
He urged the government to announce packages for flood-hit farmers and rehabilitation of flood-affected people as a top priority.

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