ISLAMABAD (APP): The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) have launched a campaign #NoMore to promote road safety and reduce violations on motorways.

According to the details shared by NHMP on Monday, the campaign aims to create awareness among motorists and promote responsible driving habits. Those who violate traffic laws and regulations, such as not wearing seat belts, using mobile phones while driving, or speeding, would be heavily fined.

For the enforcement of the said campaign spotters have been planted along the motorways which are equipped with high-definition cameras to capture clear photos of vehicles. In addition to that, cameras will also capture violations such as drivers not wearing seat belts and using mobile phones while driving.

The vehicle number will also be recorded which will make it easier for authorities to issue challans. To further enhance the effectiveness, a variable messaging system will be put in place which will display the vehicle number on the back screen reminding the violator about the fine.

Meanwhile, NHMP have urged motorists to cooperate with the Motorway Police and follow traffic rules and regulations to avoid fines.

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