• By: Sajid Latif Khan Niazi

It was on 16th May 23, that I was fortunate enough that I could talk to the brave and Lion – Hearted young officer of Pakistan Army Capt Behram 2 Cdo, who happens to be among our second generation as he is son of our dear coursemate Major Umar Farooq.

Initially, I was little apprehensive as Behram after the Compound clearance op in Muslim Bagh was himself injured and I thought he may not receive or take my call well. But what a spirited and motivated young boy he was. Just talking to him made my day. Besides, being injured and still admitted at CMH, he was so energetic, cheerful and lovely to talk. 

As narrated by him and whatever I could understand, six terrorists were hiding in the Compound which Behram and his wingman had to clear. Immediately, after entry into the room, they both killed three terrorists hiding in the room. But fourth terrorist hiding in an adjacent store/ small room, threw hand grenade at them, which Blasted right close to them. Which resulted in serious injuries of the wingman and Behram. Behram not only brought the wingman out of the room but he single handedly made entry into the room again and killed remaining terrorists hiding in the small room/ store.

Immediately, after clearing the Compound, he informed his CO/ Comd whereas he was himself profusely bleeding, that the Compound has been cleared and that all Ts have been taken care of. It was only after that he was given First-Aid etc. And later moved to ITC and then to CMH.

Really, it was a treat to talk to such a Lion – Hearted young officer, such Heroic deeds we not see very often or read only in fiction.

My humble salute to the proud parents and the young officer.

May ALLAH Almighty bless him with exemplary health and quick recovery so as to serve the Nation and his Unit like this once again and forever. Aameen.

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