MULTAN, Jun 02 (APP): National Highways & Motorway Police decided to impose heavy fine on rash drivers with an objective to make them follow traffic rules and help avoid road accidents.
Inspector General NH&MP Khalid Mahmood in a video message on Thursday stated that nobody would be allowed to resort to over-speeding.
The over-speeding vans would be chased and in case of violation, the owners of the vehicles would face punishment in form of heavy fine.
According to World Health Organization, a total 30,000 persons died in road accidents in the country. So, it is very much essential to take immediate action against rash drivers. Everybody would be bound to follow traffic rules. The violators of traffic rules would be dealt strictly, said IG Khalid Mahmood.
Khalid informed that the Motorways were being monitored with help of drone cameras. Similarly, the modern equipments have been installed along Motorways to improve checking of vehicles. Passengers are very respectable and the police is bound to provide security and safety to passengers. Data of passenger vehicles have been preserved properly, said the official.
The owners of passenger vehicles were directed to keep the vehicles in third lane. The police is also managing the record of buses, driver, vehicle’s registration, route permit and other necessary document.

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