ISLAMABAD, Nov 08 (APP): International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday organized a seminar on ‘career counseling and personality development at the new campus of the university.

The seminar was organized by the Offices of Students Advisor and Protocol & Public Relations.

The seminar was addressed by Dr Aamir Tuaseen, a renowned scholar, educationist, member of the Board of the Governors of IIUI, DG Majlis-e-Ilmi Foundation, member of National Rahmatul-lil-Alameen Authority, and also former Chairman Madrassa Board.

He has won the award of Best National Seerah Article for 8 times

Addressing the seminar, Dr Aamir Tuaseen opined that without proper career counseling, the country would continue to face a shortage of required, trained professionals.

He also discussed issues prevalent in society that damage personality development.

He called for the provision of guidance and counseling to students at the school level regarding their future planning and taking up any suitable profession.

Defining the role of career counselors, Dr Aamir said it often happens that few teachers are not best at career counseling as it requires proper training and the person must be a qualified career counselor.

Dr Aamir pointed out that it is a dire need that personality development must be part of the syllabus and dedicated officials and centers must be initiated in the organizations to work on this important cause.

Dr. Aamir shared his life experiences and observations as well as discussed the dichotomy persistent in the educational system, adding that Madaaris must be brought into the mainstream with meaningful reforms.

He also discussed common issues of youth due to lack of career counseling and absence of the opportunities for personality development.

The seminar was also attended by Students Advisor Dr Rizwan Aftab, Provost Dr Abrar Anver, Charge Protocol & Public Relations Nasir Farid and a large number of students.

Dr Abrar Anver termed the seminar vital for youth, adding that it was a comprehensive speech of Dr Aamir Tuaseen in which he discussed fault lines and also gave solutions.

Dr Rizwan Aftab also thanked the guest speaker for sparing time and vowed to continue such activities in future.

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