Peshawar (Khyber Mail): The Industrialists Association Peshawar (IAP) has taken to the streets in protest against the abrupt closure of the main entrance to Hayatabad Industrial Estate by local authorities and the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). This unexpected blockade has severely disrupted industrial operations and transportation, prompting a swift response from the business community.

President Ayub Zakori of the IAP personally inspected the site to assess the impact of the blockade, highlighting the critical nature of the issue. Following on-ground assessments, President Zakori engaged in direct telephonic discussions with Mr. Arshad Ayub, Minister of Local Bodies, and the Director General of the PDA to seek an immediate resolution.

In a coordinated effort, Group Leader Ghazanfar Bilour reached out to the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), stressing the urgency of the situation, while Executive Member Ahmed Mustafa held discussions with the Commissioner to escalate the matter.

Speaking to the press, President Zakori, alongside Group Leader Bilour and Senior Vice President, expressed deep concern over the blockade’s adverse effects on industrial activities. They urged the government to prioritize resolving the issue without imposing additional burdens on industrialists during these challenging times. Additionally, they warned of a potential strike if their demands are not met promptly.

In response to mounting pressure, the Director General of the PDA has scheduled a crucial meeting with President Ayub Zakori and members of the IAP on Friday at 11 AM, aiming to address the concerns raised by the industrial community.

The blockade at Hayatabad Industrial Estate has stirred significant unrest among Peshawar’s industrialists, who are demanding swift action to restore normalcy and ensure uninterrupted operations within the estate.

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