LAHORE (APP): The Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA) has decided to hold 39th World Exhibition of Carpets in October this year in Lahore and advance contacts are being initiated to attract foreign buyers.
PCMEA Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf told the media on Sunday that they had high hopes of the authorities concerned to extend supportive hand to make the mega exhibition a big success, and also share cost of hospitality package for the foreign buyers/ participants in the exhibition.
“Our target is that we have to achieve success in the style of the exhibition held in neighboring country recently, for which the support of the government is inevitable,” he added.
Usman Ashraf said that in consultation with all stakeholders, the Association had fixed dates of October 4 to 6, 2023 and preparations had also been started in this regard. He said every PCMEA member was committed that no effort would be spared at individual and collective level to make the exhibition a success.
He added said, “Our effort is to convince maximum number of foreign buyers to participate in the exhibition. We request the government to cooperate with us in this regard so that the foreign buyers can be offered the best hospitality package.
The vice chairman said that in the coming days, the delegation of the association would also hold meetings with the relevant government officials.
He said that a condition has been imposed for the aspirants to take a stall in the exhibition that they would display the most beautiful and quality products so that the handloom carpet industry could be strengthened through the global exhibition. In this regard, he said, correspondence was being started with foreign buyers in advance and the Association was also considering the proposal of sending delegations to countries where Pakistani products were in high demand.
Usman Ashraf hoped that government would extend full technical and financial support so that the exhibition could prove to be an effective platform for the promotion of handmade carpets of Pakistan.

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