ISLAMABAD: International Writers’ Forum Pakistan (IWFP) has announced awards in different categories of literature including humour, short story, novel, art, drama, regional languages, and humanity for the year 2022.

Talking to APP here Friday, Chairperson IWFP Shahzad Ufaq told that winners would receive their souvenirs in a formal ceremony that would be held at the Pakistan Academy of Letters on December 22.

He said committees have been constituted for each category to review the literary work. “Three winners will receive awards in each category after the final nomination of the committee”, he added.

Highlighting the importance of the literary awards, Shahzad Ufaq said that literature gives knowledge about history, religion, customs, and traditions along with providing an opportunity of understanding the customs and beliefs of others. He said literature helps society to understand other systems of living around the world.

He said different sources of literature serve as a source of knowledge, information, and wisdom besides entertainment. He said that literature was required to make connections with humanity and through literature, life should be lived to the fullest.

Shahzad Ufaq said the trend of ebooks and pirated movies discourages artists and writers. He urged the readers to purchase original books and movies and support intellectual property rights.

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