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Northwest Institute of Health Science arranged a seminar on the subject “Academia Call for Innovation and Commercialization”. The basic aim of the session was to strengthen linkages between academia and market through media. Students and faculty of NWIHS and the Editor of Khyber Mail along with senior journalists participated in the session.

Dr. Danish Ali Khan, Director NWIHS welcomed the team of Khyber Mail, students, and faculty of the institute and shed light on the significance of bringing innovations into academia. The very aim of the activity is to bridge the gap between the medical field and academia through utilizing the latest tools of media. Our youth have a lot of potential but they need the right direction to utilize their energies in positive and constructive activities. The Khyber Mail is a great opportunity for us where a dedicated space will be provided for publishing articles and stories on innovative ideas and themes to sensitize the community regarding Professional Challenges, Specific awareness, Opportunities, Healthcare Systems, Research Ethics, and Legal issue. There will be an editorial board comprising faculty, students, and editors which will oversee and monitor the contents before publishing in the newspaper and website.

Mr. Rizwan Inayat, Chief Editor Khyber Mail assured the participants and said this is a joint venture and collaborative activity where Daily Khyber Mail will provide a free space for the contents of NWIHS. This Collaboration aims to promote Structure Academic and research activities to enhance public awareness regarding Healthcare and Health system.

Shedding light on Khyber Mail’s history, Mr. Rizwan Inayat told the gathering that Sheikh Sana Ullah was the founder and editor of the paper, which, he launched in 1932 as the very first English language paper from this part of the World. Initially, the Khyber Mail also run its Pashto and Urdu editions respectively, he said, adding, “The paper survived till 1989”. However, many still remember the golden period.

Being my family legacy. I restarted the Khyber Mail in 2020 with spirit and dedication to highlight the soft image of Pakistan Worldwide, which is the need of the day, he vowed. Sharing the history, and old printed copies of the paper through slides, Rizwan Inayat reaffirmed that “we plan to launch a web TV, Radio soon”.

Later on, Mr. Rizwan Inayat presented printed copies of the Khyber Mail to the faculty and students of NWIHS

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