PESHAWAR, Feb 01 (APP): The employees of the police department, relatives, and friends of the martyred cops, here, on Wednesday, staged a protest demonstration against the brutal suicide bombing at Malik Saad Shaheed police lines’ mosque and demanded strict punishment of the culprits.

The protestors, including police cops, friends, and families of the martyred constables gathered in front of the press club and demanded an effective inquiry into the horrific blast and the unmasking of the perpetrators behind the attack.

They said the attack on unarmed policemen and worshippers was an inhuman act and chanted slogans against terrorism.

On this occasion, civil society organizations, students, traders, and transporters assembled in front of the press club to express solidarity with the Peshawar police.

They strongly condemned the horrific blast that left over 101 people, mostly policemen dead and 221 others injured.

The police cops and relatives of martyrs said that such attacks could not shake the morale in the fight against terrorism and would continue to give sacrifices for the country.

The employees of Peshawar police and families of the victims demanded an independent and transparent inquiry into the incident that sparked anger and widespread condemnation.

They said such attacks on police in the red zone were unacceptable and decisive action should be taken against terrorists and their facilitators.

They urged the KP government to immediately provide compensation to the victims’ families.

The civil society and student wings including Jamiat Students Federation of Islamia College Peshawar led by its Nazim Taqveem Ul Haq staged a peace walk to express solidarity with Peshawar police and martyrs’ families.

They were holding placards inscribed with slogans against terrorism.

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