DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Feb 09 (APP): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA) held a workshop for the officials of government departments and representatives of private entities of Dera Ismail Khan and Tank.

The workshop was held as part of efforts to build the capacity of its withholding agents, promote tax culture in the province, and increase tax compliance.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Mobilization (KPRM) assisted the KPRM in conducting the workshop. The participants included officials of District Administration D I Khan and Tank, Accounts Office, Tehsil Municipal Administrations, Education Department, Local Government Department, Colleges, Universities, WSSD, Hospitals, Sugar Mills, and Textile Mills.

Speaking on the occasion, KPRA Director Legal, Tax Policy and Reforms Ashfaq Ahmad shed light on the importance of taxes for the development of the country and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He also spoke about the history of sales tax on services and the mandate of KPRA. He assured complete support to the participants.

“Our mission is to make Khyber Pakhtunkhwa self-reliant so that our government has enough resources for public uplift schemes and for that we need your assistance and support,” he said, adding that he and his team will be available for any assistance needed for tax compliance to everyone.

Assistant Collector KPRA South Region Akhtar Rasool briefed the participants on the KP sales tax on Services Withholding Regulations 2020 and explained the whole process of how to calculate and withhold sales tax from the service providers and how to submit their sales tax returns.

The KPRA team including Audit Officer Kamil Zada, Audit Officer Wasif ur Rehman, and Inspector Mohammad Ishaq answered the questions of the participants.

The participants thanked KPRA for providing them the opportunity to learn and assured them that they will try their best to ensure tax compliance and play their part in the progress and development of the country.

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