ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (APP): Adviser to Prime Minister for Political, Public Affairs, National Heritage and Culture, Engr Amir Muqam here on Thursday inaugurated the recently renovated Islamabad Museum that serves visitors, researchers, students, and heritage professionals.

The inauguration was followed by an introductory briefing of the organization while PM’s aide also chaired an important meeting at the Department of Archeology and Museum (DOAM).

PM’s aide on the occasion said the new extension of Islamabad Museum will open new vistas for cultural heritage visitors. A total of 46 artifacts confiscated in the USA have been repatriated to Pakistan and are displayed in the museum. The new artifacts from the reserve collection of the Islamabad museum have also been displayed in the museum while the new artifacts from the reserve collection of the Islamabad museum have also been displayed in the museum. This recent renovation and extension of the museum have made a great impact on visitors, researchers, students, and heritage professionals preserving history has always been a priority of the world nations and in this regard, Museums play a vital role. 

Adviser to Prime Minister said that Islamabad museum is home to cultural heritage and encompass the entire history from old age to later Mughal period. In Islamabad, an effort has been made to delineate the saga of evolution of cultures and civilizations in Pakistan through display of artifacts and works of arts. The Museum covers the history of Pakistan through artifacts displayed in chronological order, incorporating one of the earliest man-made tool, dating back to 2 million years, collected from Soan Valley, nine thousands years old objects from Mehrgarh (Baluchistan), artifacts of world celebrated Indus valley civilization and statutory of Gandhara Civilization. 

He said the Islamabad Museum has been renovated to extend the splendid attractive and informative display of the museum and the Heritage division has taken strong and result-oriented initiatives to reactivate all the departments working under it. 

Federal Secretary National Heritage and Culture Fareena Mazhar, Director General DOAM and other senior officials were also present on the occasion.
Director General DOAM, Azeem Khan and other senior officials briefed the Adviser to Prime Minister about the renovation projects and upcoming activities.

Later, the Adviser to PM also chaired a meeting regarding various projects of Department of Museum and Archeology (DOAM) including renovation projects and upcoming activities.

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