ISLAMABAD (APP): National Assembly Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani on Thursday discussed public health concerns in Bannu and southern districts with Dr. Palitha Gunarathna Mahipala, Country Head Pakistan of World Health Organization (WHO).
The main focus of the meeting was the inadequacy of healthcare facilities in the area, particularly at Bannu Hospital, which serves not only the local population but also patients from neighboring districts. Durrani requested the WHO to provide solar power to the hospital and improve its basic amenities, along with the two other major hospitals in the area – Khalifa Gul Nawaz Memorial Hospital and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Mahipala assured full support for the solarization of Bannu Hospital and the provision of other fundamental health facilities. He acknowledged the significant challenges faced by public health in the southern districts, including Bannu, and pledged to continue WHO’s efforts to address the issues in the healthcare sector. The meeting highlighted the urgent need for the provision of basic healthcare facilities in the area and for the WHO to play an active role in ensuring their provision.
The meeting focused on the issue of Bannu Hospital and the challenges it poses for the people in the area.

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