Islamabad: Raja Pervez Ashraf, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan has said that empowering women in leadership roles is not only a matter of fairness and justice, it is also a matter of urgency and necessity. Women bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, and their full participation in leadership positions is crucial for the progress and development of our country.

He made these remarks, while, addressing the “National Convention of Women Parliamentarians” at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. The event was organized by the Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) of the National Assembly and was attended by esteemed parliamentarians, government dignitaries, and members of the civil society from all over the country.
Mr. Pervez underscored that it is our responsibility to create a more inclusive and equitable society, where women have equal opportunities and the support they need to succeed in leadership positions. Let us continue to work together to make this vision a reality, for the benefit of all our citizens in line with the vision of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, who was a true leader of people and epitome of: women empowerment; hope of the hopeless; and a motivation to continue moving forward despite all odds and hardships.
The Speaker also praised the efforts of Ms. Shahida Rehmani, Secretary of WPC, who has been dedicated towards promoting women rights and highlighting their contributions on national and international forums. He said, “Ms. Rehmani’s tireless efforts to advance the cause of women is an inspiration to us all. Her dedication to ensuring that women’s voices are heard and their contributions recognized is truly commendable, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for her leadership.”
Ms. Rehmani echoed the sentiment expressed by the Speaker, adding, “Women have long been underrepresented in leadership positions, and it is imperative that we continue our efforts to change that. We must work together to break down the barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential in all spheres of life, including politics and governance.”
The convention provided a platform for discussions and exchanges of ideas on how best to support and empower women in leadership roles, and the Speaker and Ms. Rehmani expressed their hope that the outcomes of the event would lead to concrete action towards that end.

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