ISLAMABAD, Oct 14 (APP): The government and supporting agencies have collected some 10,396.1 tonnes of food items along with 1,865.8 tonnes of sustenance items and 15,841,616 medicine items so far and out of which, 10,374.8 tonnes of food 1,858.5 tonnes of sustenance items and 15,824,816 medicine items have been distributed up till now.

The National Flood and Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC) issued a detailed overview of flood relief and rehabilitation efforts underway in the flood affectees areas.

The relief items collection and distribution efforts were also assisted by some 147 relief camps and 38 relief collection points that were set up in Sindh, South Punjab, and Balochistan for flood affectees.

Moreover, some 300 medical camps were established in which more than 413,724 patients were treated all across the country and provided 3-5 days’ of free medicine.

It also provided the weather situation of the last 24 hours stating that the weather remained hot and dry in most parts of the country. However, rain-wind and thunderstorm occurred in upper Punjab, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Kashmir, and upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

However, the highest maximum temperatures were recorded (°C) in Turbat and Mithi 40°C whereas in Sibi, Lasbella, Tandojam and Mirpurkhas 39°C.

In the next 24 hours, mainly dry weather was expected in most parts of the country, while hot in southern parts of the country. However, light rain-wind-thunderstorm was likely at isolated places in upper KP, Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Kashmir and its adjoining hilly areas.

The NFRCC update also highlighted the damage assessment progress of province-wise joint surveys. However, as per the joint survey progress province-wise damage assessment in Balochistan some 39,778 houses were surveyed, 124 people died, 136,074 houses fully damaged, 96,238 houses partially damaged, 151,793 Acres Crops damaged and 36,066 Livestock killed.

In GB, some 8,479 houses surveyed, 23 People died, 667 houses fully damaged, 1,126 houses partially damaged, 128 Acres Crops damaged and 609 livestock killed.

In Punjab, 19,418 houses surveyed, 7 people died, 2,329 houses fully damaged, 373 houses partially damaged, 2,208 Acres Crops damaged and 307 Livestock killed.

In KP, 34,841 houses surveyed, 88 people died, 14,895 houses fully damaged, 17,167 houses partially damaged, 10,662.048 Acres Crops damaged and 23,966 Livestock killed.

In Sindh, 18,051 houses surveyed, 35 people died, 11,480 houses fully damaged 4,653 houses partially damaged, 13,681 Acres Crops damaged and 45,505 Livestock killed.

However, overall 120,567 houses were surveyed, 277 people died, 165,445 houses fully damaged, 119,557 houses partially damaged, 178,472.048 Acres Crops damaged and 106,453 Livestock killed.

So far 627 Army Aviation helicopters sorties were flown to various areas for evacuation of stranded people. Moreover, uptill now 4,659 stranded Individuals were evacuated through helicopter sorties.

The Pakistan Navy for relief and rescue efforts had established four flood relief centers and 18 central collection points all across the country. These collection centers distributed 2,177 tonnes ration, 7,916 tents and 747,825 liters mineral water in various districts.

In addition, 15 tent cities were also established at Qambar Shehdad Kot, Dadu, Bhan Syedabad, Sukkar, Sanghar and Sujawal.

Moreover, Pakistan Navy’s 23 Emergency Response teams (ERTs) were deployed all over the country that had rescued 15,582 stranded personnel. These ERTs were equipped with 36 motorized boats and two Hovercraft. Uptill now, the Pakistan Navy helicopters had carried 71 sorties, these helicopters rescued 481 stranded people and distributed 5,333 packets of ration. As many as eight diving teams of Navy had also carried out 28 Diving Operations in affected areas across the country.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had provided 7,023 tents, 884,306 food packages, 4,538.07 tonnes of ration, 300,137 liters fresh water for the flood affectees.

Moreover, PAF had established 46 Medical Camps where 84,172 patients were treated so far. Some 24 Tent cities accommodating 19,807 people, 54 flood relief centers and three central Aviation Hubs all across the country were also established. The PAF also carried out 268 sorties and evacuated 1,521 people from the flood affected areas.

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