PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): In a significant meeting, the Industrial Association of Peshawar (IAP) engaged with Mr. Arshad Ayub Khan, the Provincial Minister of Local Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to discuss critical access issues affecting the Hayatabad Industrial Estate.

The meeting was attended by prominent figures including IAP President Ayub Zakori, Senior Vice President Haris Mufti, Vice President Farhad Asfandiyar, Group Leader Ghazanfar Bilour, and Executive Members Adeel Rauf and Riaz Arshad, both former Presidents of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI). Also present were Secretary IAP Wasi Ullah, Imtiaz Ahmed of KPEZDMC, and Bilal Hamid, Assistant Estate Manager for Peshawar KPEZDMC.

Key Resolutions from the Meeting:

  • Heavy Vehicle Access to Hayatabad Road:

The Minister has initiated discussions with the Director-General of the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) to address the challenges posed by large industrial vehicles.
Efforts to involve the Commissioner of Peshawar to aid in the resolution of these issues have also been made.

  • Repairing the Karkhano Entrance Road:

Mr. Arshad Ayub Khan has pledged immediate action to repair the Karkhano entrance road, a move that is expected to facilitate the smooth transit of heavy vehicles, thereby easing the operational hurdles faced by the industrial community.

This meeting marks a proactive step towards resolving the logistical difficulties that have hampered the industrial sector in the region, with the local government demonstrating its commitment to supporting the business community.

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