• By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad

Sometimes a powerful government also failed in various easy projects that are announced in hurry or approved without proper management. Peshawar Residencia is one of the main dreams of the Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan that was presented to him without maturity.

The project was announced in 2019 for low-income citizens and employees with good intentions but unfortunately without proper homework. This hurry badly damaged the reputation of the federal and provincial governments the PHA-F Islamabad and the PHA Peshawar. Indeed up and down arises in almost all such mega projects but the facts behind this project are indeed totally different due to which the same project became a challenge for the Ex-Prime Minister and for the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Almost 3 years passed but no solution was sorted out. The allottees raised the issue on various floors and struggled a lot during the last few years. Finally, they formed an association with the name, All Allottees Peshawar Residencia Association (AAPRA) and raised their voices continuously on relevant floors. The departments and government are now serious to assign the task to the sincere leadership, The Commissioner Peshawar Division Mr. Riaz Mehsud in order to resolve conflict among the two local tribes due to which execution of the project is stopped. Yesterday, the commissioners had a meeting with both the parties in presence of the Director-General PHA Peshawar Mr. Imran Wazir and made a committee led by the Dy commissioner Mr. Shafi Ullah Jan, and Mr. Haji Fazal Elahi, Member of the provincial assembly. The committee shall also consist of four members each from both parties and has been assigned the task to submit its recommendations in a week positive. The wise action is indeed taken to seek a solution through negotiations of Pashtun culture and avoid any mishaps. Hope that the wise approach shall be beneficial for the long run of the project. This action of the Commissioner is admired and appreciated by the AAPRA cabinet and members of the association. Hope that soon all issues shall be resolved soon and the project can be saved from its bad failure. The allottees had great concern over the cruel policies of PHA-F that were deducting 10% charges as cancellation fees, though the project was badly failed due to their own weakness and the face value of deposited money has also been badly decreased due to severe inflation. Thus the poor allottees were facing high losses. The AAPRA cabinet assures its all sincere support to the efforts started by the honorable Commissioner Mr. Riaz Mehsud. The association appreciates the untired struggles of the commissioner as it has emerged a hope to make possible a failed mega project. The association hopes that no stone shall be left unturned for making true the dream of houses for the low-income public of the province.

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