ISLAMABAD, Sep 15 (APP): Director General (DG) Federal Directorate of Immunization (FDI) Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Kazi Thursday said that Pakistan has approved the emergency use of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11, which would be administrated from September 19 to 24 across Pakistan.
Talking to PTV News, he encouraged parents to take their children for the Covid-19 shots for their own protection and for others in the community, adding, Pfizer vaccine for children under age 5-11 is completely safe.
He said that ministry of health has written letters to both private and public schools ordering them to report their daily vaccination data.
“We have to cover almost 80 lacs children in the first phase. Vaccination of children between five and eleven years of age would be completed across Pakistan in different phases”, he added.
He said NIH had also launched an awareness campaign about kids’ vaccination in schools, and the government would maximize its resources to vaccinate the most number of children in the campaign’s first phase.
Replying to a question, he said 1166 would be an assistance number for parents seeking information related to kids’ vaccination, which would also be available soon at government-run vaccination centers and schools.
To another question, he said that the most common side effects parents can expect in their child are a sore arm, headache, fever, and fatigue.

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