ISLAMABAD (Khyber Mail): In a significant development, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has given the green light to a reinvigorated and re-energized national counter-terrorism campaign, officially launching Operation Azm-e-Istehkam.

The decision was reached during a meeting of the Central Apex Committee on National Action Plan held in Islamabad, where stakeholders from all provinces, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir came to a consensus. This move reflects the nation’s unwavering commitment to eradicate extremism and terrorism from Pakistan.

During the meeting, the ongoing counter-terrorism efforts were thoroughly reviewed, with a focus on identifying implementation gaps and addressing them as a top priority. The forum emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy, built upon national consensus and system-wide synergy.

Key Points:

  • Integrated Approach: Operation Azm-e-Istehkam will synergize multiple lines of effort to combat extremism and terrorism decisively.
  • Diplomatic Cooperation: Efforts will intensify to limit terrorists’ operational space through regional cooperation.
  • Armed Forces and Law Enforcement: The armed forces’ kinetic efforts will be bolstered by full support from law enforcement agencies. Effective legislation will address legal gaps hindering terrorism-related prosecutions.
  • Socioeconomic Measures: Complementary socioeconomic measures will address genuine concerns and discourage extremist tendencies.
  • Unified Narrative: Leveraging the information space, a unified national narrative will support the campaign.
  • National Resolve: The fight against extremism and terrorism is Pakistan’s war, crucial for survival and well-being.
  • State’s Authority: No one will be allowed to challenge the state’s writ without exception.
  • Security for Chinese Nationals: New Standard Operating Procedures enhance security for Chinese citizens in Pakistan.
  • Coordination and Purpose: Greater institutional coordination and clarity of purpose are essential for long-term stability.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif acknowledged the sacrifices made by the armed forces in the war on terrorism. However, he emphasized that this fight is not theirs alone; federal and provincial governments, along with all institutions, must play their part. With a united front, Pakistan aims to protect future generations by rising above political differences and achieving its goal.

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