ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP): Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Wednesday hosted a first-of-a-kind generative art exhibition, “Codes goes in, Art comes out” by Sana Muiz and Muhammad Muiz.

A highly known visual artist and an art educationist Farah Mahmood inaugurated the show, which aimed at giving the audiences a better understanding of how art was evolving in modern and digital times.

The chief guest said: “Generative art is truly working with the essence of what shapes our worlds, physical and digital. Coding is at the heart of generative art, and our lives are constantly built by it. The artistic exploration of code and how it can re-imagine and be re-purposed is critical. Generative art is one big step in that direction.”

The artists belonging to the fields of business and psychology dreamed of perusing art in one way or another, she said, adding that now they had started peregrination with Generative Art that could make their artwork more strong and aesthetic.

The show was heavily visited by a large audience, including artists, students, VIPs, government officials, and press and media.

PNCA spokesperson said it was a great honor for the council to host the important exhibition and to celebrate a digital era of the arts.

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