PESHAWAR (APP): Renowned Archaeologist and Director Archeology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr. Abdul Samad completed a historic tour of Afghanistan, the first official visit of that country conducted by any Pakistani archaeologist since 1960s.

According to a message received here on Tuesday, Abdul Samad was invited by the Government of Afghanistan through the Aga Khan Cultural Services as part of a team for advising them on archaeological matters.

Sharing his impressions on return, Dr. Samad said he was extremely impressed to view Afghanistan’s archaeological wealth.

“I had a fascinating visit and am delighted to report that the present government in Afghanistan has decided to support the preservation and conservation of all archaeological sites of their country in letter and spirit. This is an extremely exciting and favorable development”, he observed.

He explained the purpose of the visit was mainly regarding preservation efforts of the Buddhist site of Mes Aynek underneath which lies one of the world’s biggest copper mines.

Dr. Abdul Samad held meetings with Afghan Minister of Art and Culture, Moulvi Khairullah Khairkhwa and his Deputy Minister Moulvi Abdul Atiqullah Azizi.

“Afghanistan is not only our neighboring country but archaeologically speaking we share many things in common.

Given our shared ancient Buddhist & Islamic heritage I see great potential for future collaboration with Afghanistan, he observed.

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