KARACHI (APP): Farooq Mughal member House of representatives of Georgia, USA presented the resolution passed by Assembly of Georgia regarding declaration of Sindh and Georgia as sister states to Acting Governor Sindh Agha Siraj Khan Durrani here Thursday at the Governor House.

Farooq Mughal along with his delegation briefed Acting Governor about the purposes and benefits of declaring both Sindh and Georgia as sister states.

After approval from Sindh Cabinet, this resolution would be presented in provincial Assembly of Sindh for its consent, he added.

Under the resolution, after declaration as sister states close cooperation in Health, Education, Business Development and Environment would be possible while it would also ensure mutual understanding between Universities of both Sindh and Georgia and students scholarships would also be ensured, he further added.

Acting Governor Sindh Agha Siraj Khan Durrani while speaking on the occasion said that Sindh was the first province to support creation of Pakistan and three members of Sindh Assembly signed the concerned resolution with their blood to convey to British rulers that Muslims of the sub-continent want a separate homeland for themselves.

He said that the passing of resolution from Georgia Assembly was a welcome step as it would ensure close relations between Sindh and Georgia. Both can get benefit from each other in various sectors, he observed.

Acting Governor Sindh further said that Sindh was land of Sufis and Saints, who always preached love and peace.

He also invited the member of House of representatives to visit the remains of ancient civilization of Moenjo Daro.

The delegation members included Zeeshan Altaf Chairman America Pakistan Business Development forum, Syed Naseer Wajahat Co-founder Global Section , Umer Farooq member America Pakistan Business Development Forum, Javed Mirza Director Public Affairs, Sumair Shamsi and Moiz Kashan.

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