Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has declared health a basic right of all individuals. She has highlighted the link between mental and physical health, healthy dietary choices, and lifestyle.

Speaking as the Chief Guest at a media and civil society awareness campaign organized by the Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), Mushaal underscored the pivotal role of a balanced lifestyle in fostering overall health. The event was attended by Surgeon General (Rtd.) Kamal Akbar, Sabien Hussein Mullick (Focal Person to SAPM), Sanaullah Ghumman (Secretary General PANAH), Munawar Hussain (Advocacy consultant), Abid Abbassi (President Rawalpindi/Islamabad Union of Journalists), and other prominent personalities from the media and civil society. The event was a platform to promote awareness and dialogue on the crucial link between health, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

Mushaal expressed deep concern over the alarming statistic that places Pakistan as the third highest in the world for diabetes cases. She urged individuals not to take their health for granted. She stressed that adopting proper dietary habits and incorporating regular physical exercise could serve as effective preventive measures against numerous diseases.

Mushaal advocated for efforts to raise awareness among mothers about their children’s diets, emphasizing the profound impact on the health of future generations. She underscored that schools and colleges should also be included in these awareness campaigns as educational institutions are where many children develop dietary habits, both positive and negative.

Mushaal drew attention to the excessive consumption of sugar and salt-based food, labeling them as “white poisons”, the root cause of numerous diseases. She asserted that a concerted effort was essential to address the health risks posed by excessive sugar and salt intake. She offered her support to initiatives focused on preventing diseases stemming from unhealthy dietary practices.

SAPM extended an invitation to both PANAH and members of the media for collaboration in the implementation of a 100-day plan initiated by the Ministry of Human Rights. She emphasized that health and access to healthcare facilities should be recognized as fundamental rights of all individuals.

Mushaal congratulated PANAH for organizing an awareness session to educate people about disease prevention. She acknowledged the organization’s impactful work not only within Pakistan but also in Afghanistan and Turkey. SAPM Mushaal Hussein Mullick also thanked dedicated media workers for their unwavering support in promoting the cause of a healthy diet and disease prevention

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