HAVELIAN (APP): The largest Tableegi Ijtma of Hazara division Sunday concluded in Havelian where police and district administration has provided foolproof security and other facilities including a medical camp and Rescue 1122 station.
In the Tableegi Ijtiman, hundreds of thousands of people from all across Hazara division participated.
According to the information, this was the second Tableegi Ijtimah organized in Havelian after more than 44 years where more than a hundred thousand people have participated. Traffic police in Abbottabad smartly managed the traffic flow when Tableegi Ijtimah concluded and thousands of vehicles were leaving the venue at the same time.
Besides more than 1000 policemen hundreds of Tabeeghi Jamat volunteers were deployed for the guidance of the devotees and protection of the venue. The walkthrough gates were also installed on the venues and worshippers were allowed inside only after a thorough body search.
Earlier, in the upper parts of the Hazara division, a series of Tableegi Ijtimah has been organized in Baffa, Torghar, Balakot and Lower Kohistan where hundreds and thousands of people joined the congregations in Baffa (Mansehra) and Judbah (Torghar).

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