By: Arisha Irshad Ali

According to the World Bank’s compilation of development indicators, which was compiled from officially recognised sources, gender equality in Pakistan was reported to be at 1% in 2020.

The commencement of women-only bus service in Karachi the next week was announced by the Sindh government on Thursday, to address the issues that working women face in the community.

In February, the pink service bus will debut. The route it will follow from share-e-Faisal from the model colony to mere weather.

Pakistan is regarded as the worst country for women to live in. This problem is a result of harassment, insecurity, and the prevalence of rape. Due to the gender pay gap, the majority of our female students won’t be able to begin their education and those who do won’t be able to finish it.

Pseudo-cultural tradition and poverty are the main causes of this. Women in rural areas perceive themselves to be in “CHAAR DEWAR,” where their only option is to stay at home and perform domestic duties. Pakistan’s female population makes up 50% of the total population. What if women were given more power? Pakistan might get international recognition in several fields just as a result.

In every industry, the proportion of women is relatively low. The gender protection section, a helpline staffed by female police officers, was established by Amna. Amna, a police officer, is Pakistani women’s best hope. This kind of endeavor demonstrates that our leaders want to build a platform for Pakistani women so they can advance in the greatest possible manner.
Another major problem for working women is transportation because there are so many documented incidences of harassment there. Sharjeel Inam Memon, the minister of mass transit, took the initiative to purchase a pink bus, demonstrating his support for the empowerment of women. The pink bus is a fantastic project for Pakistani women. The Women Of Pakistan desired to have their efforts recognized, and this initiative contains something that the women of Pakistan will get the best opportunities in the future. When women are treated with respect, feel safe, and have access to decent transportation, both literacy and employment rates will rise. The pink bus represents hope for Pakistani women. This will empower our women and, most importantly, make them independent.
Merci, Pakistan

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