ISLAMABAD, Nov 12 (APP): Three books in the category of Urdu, English, and Pakistani Languages were approved for the “National Presidential Iqbal Award” to be given by Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
Sources in the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture Division told on Saturday that President Dr. Arif Alvi approved Dr. Abdul Khaliq’s book on Allama Iqbal in English language titled “Allama Iqbal on ego and some related concepts” for the award for the year 2015-2020.

The Urdu book on Allama Iqbal, titled “Iqbal and Germany” by Muhammad Ikram Chaghtai has been approved for the year 2020 while in the Pakistani languages category, Ghous Bakhsh Sabir’s book on Allama Iqbal in Balochi language titled “Shagrab-Shaar, Hakeem-ul-Umat Allama Muhammad Iqbal Shah Zant wa Shahshanab Zandwazam” for the year 2015-2020 was also approved for the award.

The National Presidential Iqbal Award is given by Iqbal Academy Pakistan every year for important books on Allama Iqbal in Urdu and after three years for books on Allama Iqbal in English and Pakistani languages.

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