LOWER DIR (Staff Report): The employees of the University of Malakand, belonging to BPS 1-19, expressed their strong opposition to the recent decision made by the university syndicate. The decision, which was based on a recommendation by the government, involved the withdrawal of the Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA) at a rate of 15%. The employees were deeply concerned by the syndicate’s action and questioned the authority of the senate in denying the approved allowance without any legal grounds.

The university syndicate, acting in accordance with the KP government notification FD(SO) SR-1) 1-1/2-022 DRA dated 12-04-22, had unanimously adopted the recommendation of the Finance and Planning Committee (F&PC) during their meeting on 21-05-2022. The DRA was granted using the university’s own resources as prescribed by the government. However, to the dismay of the employees, the senate disapproved the decision, causing significant confusion and distress among the university workforce.

The employees strongly condemned the senate’s actions, highlighting the fact that the syndicate is the sole authority responsible for granting allowances under section 9-xii P26 of the model statutes. They raised valid concerns about the legality of the senate’s decision, as the approved DRA, granted in accordance with the government’s notification, was arbitrarily withdrawn without any proper authority. This act is not only unlawful but also appears to be an intentional disruption of the university’s functioning.

Furthermore, the employees questioned the rationale behind denying the same allowance to university employees in the province during a period of severe inflation. They emphasized that the DRA had been approved and disbursed based on the government’s directives and utilizing the university’s own resources, as clearly stated in the notification.

Despite eight dissenting opinions, the syndicate, in its 50th meeting held on 17th May 2023, approved the withdrawal of the DRA, which had already been disbursed for a year. In response, the employees demand an immediate restoration of the Allowance for the Reduction of Disparity (ARA). They assert that once an allowance is approved and disbursed, it cannot be arbitrarily withdrawn.

In a plea to the Governor and Chancellor, the employees of the University of Malakand request a review of the senate and syndicate’s decision and urge the restoration of the DRA. They stress the importance of ensuring justice among employees within the province. Failure to address these concerns may lead to an escalation of protests, which would adversely impact the university’s peaceful working environment.

The employees sincerely hope that their voices are heard, and that the university administration, along with the relevant authorities, takes prompt action to rectify this unjust situation.

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