APP12-030524 LAHORE: May 03 - The American female's band 'Raining Jana' is presenting the essence of American and Pakistani music on stage in a music program organized by the US Embassy and Wall City in Lahore Fort Royal Kitchen. APP/MHA/MAF/FHA

LAHORE (Agencies): The all-female US music band ‘Raining Jane’ recently performed at the iconic Lahore Fort, presenting powerful music fusions that transcend boundaries and promote intercultural harmony. During their two-day visit to Lahore, the quartet interacted with students and explored how art, particularly music, could be a catalyst for positive change in their communities.

The concert aimed to empower women and girls, encourage young people to use art and music as tools for social change, and promote intercultural harmony through musical fusion. The event was attended by US Ambassador Donald Blome, US Consul General to Lahore Kristin Hawkins, and DG Walled City Kamran Lashari.

The US Mission in Pakistan invited ‘Raining Jane’ to tour Pakistan as part of its American Music Abroad (AMA) program, which aims to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Pakistan. The enchanting atmosphere of the Royal Kitchens at the Lahore Fort further enhanced the impact of the band’s musical compositions.

Speaking on the occasion, US envoy Donald Blome highlighted the power of art and music to transcend culture, language, and boundaries. He expressed hope that the visit of ‘Raining Jane’ would inspire the next generation of Pakistani musicians, both women and men, to become influential leaders in their own communities.

During the band’s visit to the National College of Arts (NCA) and the Lincoln Corner at the Information Technology University (ITU), the musicians exchanged ideas with aspiring young Pakistani musicians on the power of art.

‘Raining Jane’ comprises Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Chaska Potter, and Mona Tavakoli. The quartet has been making music together for the past two decades, releasing four albums independently, collaborating extensively with Jason Mraz, touring the globe, and co-founding a music education non-profit. Vocal harmonies and eclectic instrumentation, including cello, cajon, sitar, ukulele, lap steel, percussion, bass, and guitar, are central to the ‘Raining Jane’ sound.

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