Islamabad (Agencies): The Vice President of the World Bank for Human Development, together with a team of experts, met with the Minister for Economic Affairs, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, to discuss the pressing needs for human development in the country.

The meeting was held in Islamabad and was attended by high-level officials from both sides. The discussion focused on the key areas where human development is needed the most, and how the World Bank can assist in meeting these needs.

During the meeting, the Vice President, Ms. Murthi emphasized the importance of investing in human development, especially in family planning and nutrition, to create sustainable growth and boost development in the country. The Minister for Economic Affairs welcomed the World Bank’s support and expertise in addressing these crucial areas. He also appreciated that the World Bank is one of the major development partners of Pakistan and it has extended substantial financial support for the development needs of the country.

Both sides discussed potential areas of collaboration, including education, healthcare, social protection, youth and capital development, population planning, and nutrition. The World Bank team shared their experiences and best practices from around the world and highlighted the importance of local ownership and community involvement in implementing development projects. Furthermore, the Bank appreciated the emergency response and also requested to bring on board regional experiences. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs expressed its commitment to working closely with the World Bank to achieve its shared goals of sustainable development in Pakistan. The meeting ended with an agreement to continue the dialogue and work towards a concrete plan of action in the near future

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