ISLAMABAD, Aug 30 (APP): Director General & Focal Person of National Health Emergency Preparedness Response Network (NHEPRN) Dr Sabina Durrani on Tuesday stressed for provision of clean drinking water in flood-hit areas as stomach-related infections and skin diseases are dangerously high.
In an exclusive interview, DG urged that people should donate ‘aqua water purification medicines’ and dry food among flood affectees, adding, we had set up teams to prepare a stock of medicines and materials such as water purification powder and drinking water containers that were required.
It was because contaminated drinking water has been associated with major outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as chest infection, Hepatitis, Malaria, cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and skin related diseases, she mentioned.
Dr Sabina said that ministry of health was working with the provincial governments to ensure that basic water, sanitation and hygiene services are repaired to prevent major disease outbreaks in all affected areas of the country.
She said that donors must give priority to dry ration instead of distribution of cooked food among affectees, adding, rehabilitation is a big challenge after providing temporary shelters, medicines and food.
DG NHEPRN also called for concerted efforts to control the rising population growth by taking into account issues related to family planning and reproductive health.
She said that awareness among people about population was need of the hour, adding, all partners and stakeholders including civil society organizations and NGOs should come together and join hands with the government to address the growing population issue.
Replying to a question, she said population management and large dams can only play an important role for controlling of floods in future.

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