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The website site https://www.bannugul.com has been uploaded by IT Experts of e _Hujra (of BannuGul).  The site is composed of different options (pages) i.e Home page,  History page, Geography page, Archeology page, Literature page, sports page, Politics,  E-hujra members page,  Login, and English. The Ehujra member’s data has been fed and could be viewed on the e-Hujra page (Link:  http://www.bannugul.com/ehujra ). Pictures and Names of e-Hujra members have been uploaded.

The www.bannugul.com  is a  responsive CMS (content management system)  site storing data regarding different categories. Content Pages are composed of Titles, Images, and Descriptions. The site is supporting three languages, English, Urdu, and Pashto. One could view the same contents in one of the above three languages on selection. The site will keep the contents alive forever and thus be stored permanently The site will give space to International Researchers and other personalities in the field of Archeology regarding Akra Bannu in order to get recognition worldwide as the work of Dr. Cameron UK. Dr. Cameron had done research work on Akra Bannu. This will get special attention from relevant international and UN organizations. The Home page of the site is displays pictures of historical places of Bannu such as Tanchi Bazar, Mozdigarai Event of Chowk Bazar, Gates of Bannu, etc. Every Mozdigar of Bannu Chowk Bazar is just like an Eid. Attanrh of youth and khushbo (scent) of flowers and rambels is the daily routine of the Mozdigar Event in Bannu.

Remember that www bannugul.com website is being written in ASP.NET CORE and ANGULAR CLI Technology. One of the world’s best technology. ASP DOTNET CORE is used as a back end, while ANGULAR CLI is used as a front end for the website. It is SPA – single page application-based technology? The data from the server is loaded once (for the first time in the loading phase), then it doesn’t need reloading again and again but the portion that you want to see is refreshed. That’s why this technology has been used In your www.bannugul.com website. Backend means what has been running behind the screen, which is hidden from the user. Frontend means what is being displayed upon the screen that is being seen by the user.

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