ISLAMABAD, Jan 3 (APP): World Braille Day will be observed on Wednesday all around the globe including Pakistan to raise awareness of Braille as a means of communication and to realize human rights for blind people.

World Braille Day was established by the United Nations in November 2018, which is celebrated in honour of Louis Braille, the inventor of the braille system of reading alphabets.

Talking to APP in connection with World Braille Day, an official of the Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) said that National Braille Press has been producing books by using modern press along with leading software “Duxbury”.

He said,”Duxbury is used by the world’s leading braille publishers that enable blind and partially sighted people to read the books same as those printed in a visual font.”

He said,”The government and DGSE are working to uplift visually handicapped children by providing quality education.”

He informed, “Braille book printing is expensive and it takes one month time from printing to binding in one set of books. He said considering the procedure and the cost, books are produced only on the demand from the schools.”

He said that National Braille Press was responsible to provide books all over the country but after the 18th amendment, provinces have set up their own press according to their need and curriculum.

He said,”Braille literacy is of utmost importance for blind people so that they can navigate life more easily.”

He urged the media to highlight World Braille Day for spreading awareness and to help social inclusion of visually
handicapped persons.

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