PESHAWAR, Jun 23 (APP): Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, Women University Swabi (WUS) arranged an exposure and networking trip to Durshal Swabi in collaboration with Shaoor Foundation.
The trip was part of the project Fostering Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurship Skills in Young Women for Gender Inclusive Socioeconomic Development (FCTEW) by Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA).
The project aim is to create networks and promote connections between female faculty members, researchers, students and private sector and civil society.
The exposure visit assisted the beneficiaries in expanding their networks, establishing industrial links, exploring entrepreneurial potential and employ ability opportunities, and expanding avenues of cooperation and better understanding between the young females of Women University Swabi and industry.
The owners of a few startups working with Durshal, such as Up-lifters, Diya’s Couture, and Beauty Care guided students about how they could start their own businesses and advised them on the basic skills and resources required to start a business.

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