LAHORE, Sep 06 (APP): Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce (PCJCCI) President Mr Wang Zihai said on Tuesday that Pakistan should look to adopt the Chinese model of water purification in order to reduce the spread of water borne diseases, which were causing a loss to Pakistan’s economy of up to $1.3 billion every year and were the biggest source of gastrointestinal infections.
He was chairing a meeting that was also attended by the executive members of PCJCCI along with some Chinese officials held here at PCJCCI premises.
Mr Wang Zihai said that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss Chinese water management system and purification technology so that Pakistan could get help from their experience. It was said in the meeting that the replication of this system could overcome water diseases in Pakistan particularly in poor cities of Sindh that were not getting access to clean water.
Ehsan Chaudhry Senior Vice President PCJCCI said that China’s global fresh water sources were merely six percent whereas; they had to provide clean drinking water to 20 percent of the world’s population. However with years of research and exploration, China had devised a water purification system that not only enabled it to meet its water needs but also provided people with medically approved healthy water, he added.
Sarfaraz Butt, Vice President PCJCCI said that the water crisis was a global issue and now China wanted to benefit the world, since Pakistan faced such a crisis, particularly in Sindh and Northern Punjab it was important to introduce such plants in Pakistan.
Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI appreciated the opportunities and agreed that the country was in dire need of such a system.

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