US defence company Northrop Grumman will begin integrating Military Code (M-Code) global positioning system (GPS) capability into the company’s precision guidance systems for medium- and long-range artillery systems.

CAES, a Northern Virginia-based company specialising in advanced radio frequency (RF) technologies, will carry out the M-Code GPS integration work into Northrop Grumman’s Precision Guidance Kit (PGK), according to a 23 January statement by the RF technology firm.

Valued at USD24 million, the integration deal will see CAES-developed GPS antennas designed to send and receive signals across the M-Code band combined into PGKs slated for the US Army. The company will produce roughly 80,000 M-Code-enabled GPS antennas for PGK integration, the 23 January statement said.

“M-Code GPS antennas help improve security and anti-jamming of military navigation. Implementing this technology will make PGK one of the largest programmes within the US DoD integrating this critical capability,” CAES officials said in the statement.

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