BEIRUT (Agencies): The tragic death of 6-year-old Lynn Taleb in Al-Minieh, north Lebanon, has shocked the nation as she is believed to be the victim of a brutal rape. The girl suffered internal bleeding and died eight days after staying with her mother at her grandfather’s house during the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

North Lebanon Prosecutor Mathilda Touma has filed a complaint against the girl’s grandfather, suspecting him of raping his granddaughter, and against the mother for covering up the attack. The case has ignited widespread anger and concern throughout the country.

Lynn Taleb’s parents had divorced a few months ago, and she was under her father’s custody. However, she was visiting her mother during the holiday when the alleged attack took place, leading to her untimely death. The mother took her daughter to a medical center for treatment but later took her home, where she passed away the same night.

On further examination, it was revealed that the girl had been subjected to repeated rape. The mother’s family initially accused the girl’s father and his family, but after thorough investigations and DNA testing, the victim’s father was released, and the focus shifted to the grandfather.

The incident has highlighted the issue of violence against children in Lebanon, with recent cases of abandonment and neglect coming to light. Sociologists point to a rise in violence in general and the breakdown of informal norms and rules as contributing factors.

While Lebanon has robust child protection laws, the challenge lies in enforcing these laws and ensuring punishment for offenders. The tragic case of Lynn Taleb has brought to light the need for collective efforts to protect vulnerable children and combat violence within society.

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