UNITED NATIONS (APP): The 45th session of the United Nations Committee on Information ended Thursday, with Pakistani envoy Aamir Khan, who presided over it, making a unity call to promote a peaceful, transparent, and inclusive information world for all.

In his closing remarks, he lauded the consensus adoption of a resolution that reaffirms fundamental principles of the UN Charter, including the principles of cooperation, development, equality, and non-discrimination.

The text reaffirms the significance of information in today’s interconnected world and underscores the need for member states to work together to promote access to reliable, accurate, and timely information.

“I commend the member states for their commitment to these important issues, and I believe that we will expand our efforts to find solutions to the problems facing the information world today,” Ambassador Aamir Khan, who is deputy permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN, told delegates.

Pakistan was elected to chair the 45th session when it began its current deliberations. It is the second time Pakistan led the committee, a subsidiary body of the UN General Assembly.

Under its terms, the resolution acknowledges the challenges arising from the rapidly changing media landscape, including the proliferation of disinformation and misinformation. It calls on member states to promote media literacy and digital literacy, to support independent media and journalism, and to combat hate speech and incitement to violence.

In addition, the resolution recognizes the importance of preserving cultural diversity and peaceful co-existence, And calls for access to information for all, including marginalized and vulnerable populations.

The effort to promote an agreement on the resolution required extensive negotiations to reconcile differing views, in which Mariam Shaikh, press counsellor at Pakistan Mission to the UN, also took part.

Aamir Khan urged all member states to take action to implement the provisions of the resolution.

In statements made by by the G-77 and China and other member states, speakers applauded the efforts of the chair, Aamir Khan, for playing a crucial role during the negotiations to reach the consensus.

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