Manila (Agencies): In Zambales, on the coast of Western Luzon, the Philippines is constructing its first BrahMos anti-ship missile base at the Philippine Naval Station Leovigildo Gantioqui, facing the South China Sea. The development, revealed through satellite imagery by Naval News, comes amid heightened tensions with Beijing.

The base, located near the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, features structures akin to those at Indian BrahMos facilities, including a magazine bunker for missile storage and a high-bay for system testing and maintenance. The Philippine Navy’s installation is set to house BrahMos systems with two missiles per launcher.

Positioned just 250 kilometers from the contested Scarborough Shoal, the missiles have a range of 290-300 kilometers, placing them within striking distance of a hotspot for Sino-Filipino hostilities. The move could escalate regional dynamics, especially in light of recent US military exercises in Luzon and China’s objections to foreign military presence in the area.

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