BEIJING (Agencies): The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Army showcased a newly commissioned tactical ballistic missile during a recent exercise, according to observers. The 71st Group Army conducted live-fire exercises in the Gobi Desert, featuring the PLA Army’s latest long-range modularized rocket launcher system. While the photos revealed rocket launches, observers noted larger projectiles resembling tactical ballistic missiles.

The modularized rocket launcher system, likely capable of launching tactical ballistic missiles, offers versatility in munition types. China has previously exhibited the export version, AR-3, at defense expos, highlighting its capability to launch 300mm and 370mm rockets, as well as 750mm tactical ballistic missiles. If confirmed, the PLA Army’s deployment of tactical ballistic missiles would enhance its long-range precision strike capabilities and overall deterrence.

The most recent exercise did not provide details on the munitions used, and there has been no official announcement regarding the commissioning of tactical ballistic missiles in the PLA Army. The development follows China’s deployment of a modularized rocket launcher system in joint military exercises near Taiwan, showcasing its versatility and long-range capabilities.

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